Training in a Sho-ha Shorin-ryu karate dojo or school takes place in an atmosphere of respect. Traditional Japanese martial art etiquette, which emphasizes respect for one's teacher, one's fellow students, one’s dojo and one's ryuha (style), is strictly followed.

It is a stated goal of Sho-ha Shorin-ryu karate that one's training should enhance one's health, not have a negative impact on it. Founder John Hamilton has consciously striven to eliminate any practices that are destructive to the body, as well as worked to develop ways of maintaining balance in the musculoskeletal system. It is the expectation in Sho-ha Shorin-ryu that students will be able to continue their training well into their advanced years.


Location – Millvale,  Pittsburgh, PA.
1826 Babcock Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15209
Training Rooms – 3


  • 1 - to 3 day Training Visits
  • Focal Seminars + Education
  • Off-site housing at local Air BnB in Lawrenceville or Pittsburgh - "Most Liveable City US"